We’re Serious About Yoga

We offer all kinds of yoga for all levels, from beginners to the highly advanced. We welcome anyone seeking spiritual refuge from daily stress and physical well-being, even if you are on a frugal budget. We have monthly memberships for frequent visitors & packages that you may use when and how you like with no pressue. You can also just drop in… we want to see you. We simply want to spread the joy of yoga. In fact, we are so serious about spreading the blessings of yoga we offer regular “pay-what-you-can” classes for everyone. It’s good karma!

Yoga Classes For All

Who is a good fit for Yoga at the Yoga Patch? Children, family, and prenatal classes are great for those who want to practice Yoga as a family. Restorative and chair yoga classes are perfect for students who can’t or don’t want to get up and down off the floor but want to gain flexibility in body and mind. Hot yoga and flow classes will get your mind and body in the right place and burn 500 calories! If you have questions about what is a good fit for you, please contact us.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe Yoga is a spiritual journey as well as a physical one.
  • We believe all should have access to a welcoming community for their Yoga practice.
  • We believe a Yoga Studio should feel warm, inviting, and still sacred.

We’re Different

  • We offer different types of classes for different ages, physical ability & experience levels.
  • We offer different ways to pay for different levels of practice and with various budgets.
  • We want our members and visitors to feel like family. We want to know your name.
  • We teach meditation and focus as well as muscle building and flexibility.
  • We teach you to breath well. We practice breathing. It matters.
  • We hope you feel celestial & blissful here, but we are real, genuine, simple folks.


Yoga For Adults

It is important for us at Yoga Patch to see the practice of yoga as not a form of exercise or mental relaxation but as a way of living. If you successfully incorporate this practice into your life… Read More.

Yoga For Seniors & Disabled

Individuals with disabilities, weight challenges, inflexibility, or just getting old may find Yoga is a great opportunity to make a life change. Yoga practice for… Read More.

Yoga For Religion

Yoga is not a religion per se, but can be an aid to practice of basic spiritual truths in all religions. The core of Yoga’s philosophy is that all that you need is supplied from within you… Read More.

Yoga For Your Body

The practice of physical yoga works far more than just lengthening and strengthening your muscles, because of Yoga’s mindful attention to the breath and inner stress it works your body from the inside out… Read More.

Yoga For Your Mind

Yoga can help you relax and handle stressful situations more easily. It teaches you how to quiet the mind so you can focus your energy where you want it to go. You will become more… Read More.

Yoga For Kids

Our kids and our families are offered plenty of busyness and distraction. It is easy for our kids to find opportunity to preoccupy their minds and immobilize their bodies. Yoga is a great way… Read More.

Yoga Patch was championed by Caren Lisondra out of Seattle Washington when she had felt an ambition to spread the joy of Yoga to others in 2009. Caren began her Yoga practice many years prior and was blessed with a vision that a Yoga Studio in Kansas City is what she needed to do. Her wonderful husband and special toddler son supported her decision and the idea of Yoga Patch blossomed. She spent several months in Kansas City practicing Yoga in many studios around Kansas City before landing in the Waldo/Brookside area of Kansas City. Key to her vision was a studio that offered yoga for kids, elderly/disabled, and those on very limited budgets. Her passion for these goals has made Yoga Patch what it has become today.

In 2013, Caren and her family were called to move back to Seattle but two of the Yoga Patch instructors agreed to carry on the Yoga Patch creed. Maria Murphy and Kristina Long were both very involved in the evolution of the Yoga Patch from its early roots and share the passion that Caren started with at Yoga Patch in 2009. Maria is native to Kansas City and mother of five wonderful people whose soothing voice and gentle instruction has been a core element of her teaching style for many students. She can give you as much of a workout as you need and make you feel translucent at the same time. Kristina Long comes to Yoga Patch from Memphis Tennessee and is the mother of two beautiful kids. Kristina is an extremely talented Yoga practitioner who will not only test her students’ inner mindfulness but just how much water can drip from human body during a flow class and still call it fun. Together, along with an incredible team of teachers, they offer you a special opportunity to join our community of friends at Yoga Patch in Kansas City.