March 7, 2016 admin

Benefits of Yoga – ADULTS

It is important for us at Yoga Patch to see the practice of yoga as not a form of exercise or mental relaxation but as a way of living. If you successfully incorporate this practice into your life, we believe you will perceive and enjoy the world we are blessed to live in with new energy, perspective, and bliss. No matter where you are in your faith or relationship with the world, the yoga practice can make a difference for you mentally & spiritually. Oh yeah, extra side affect might be a HOT little body too!

Feel Your Mind Change About You: There is an important emphasis in Yoga is to gain inner peace and become more present and aware.
Feel You Body Change: It takes time, but your body will gain flexibility and balance. You could feel less stiffness when you rise everyday and learn to walk lighter when you move.
See Your Body Change: Strengthen muscles, tone arms & legs, define abs, and sculpt your back. Gain flexibility in daily movement and improve your posture
Feel You Mind Change about Your Relationships: You can gain patience, empathy, and reduced stress as you see the world differently through a “yoga frame of mind”. You can learn to breathe better and think calmer.
Spiritual Growth: When your mind, body, and relationships improve, you gain opportunity to grow in new ways in your connection with everything else.
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