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Benefits of Yoga – BODY

The practice of physical yoga works far more than just lengthening and strengthening your muscles, because of Yoga’s mindful attention to the breath and inner stress it works your body from the inside out.

Increased Flexibility & Balance

You can increase your stretch in a variety of poses, improving elasticity and range of motion. You feel in control of your body. This does not mean you can do the splits in two weeks, but what it can mean is you can sit on the floor, tie your shoes without a grunt or bend over to pick something up and feel graceful. When you watch Yoga folks do things outside of class, they walk and move with grace and ease. Their spines and hips are open and relaxed. They want to sit on the floor because it feels comfortable to them. These are settle things, but they change your day and how you feel about yourself.

Increased Strength

In Yoga, you get stronger by working against gravity; yoga strengthens bones as well as muscle tone. The beauty of yoga is that it works every single muscle in the body. You are using a wide range of movements and holding positions for tight, lean muscles all over your body. Early benefits are a tighter leaner butt, thighs, arms, and core muscles. It won’t “pump you up” for bodybuilding competition, but it can give you strength and tone for a swimsuit body. Again, there is a reason yoga instructors can get away with tank tops and yoga pants. There arms, legs, and butt cheeks are strong…they look good in clothes that show off their bodies.

Weight Loss

You burn calories when you practice Yoga. Obviously, you burn more calories in a Yoga Class that includes more rapid movements than in a class that focuses more on mental focus, flexibility and holding poses for longer periods of times. However, the practice of Yoga can also make you aware of how your body feels when you eat too much or in an unhealthy way. You will notice how your body feels and want to stop poor eating habits because of your mind shift. It isn’t self discipline, it is just a new desire to feel good and know what feeling good feels like.

Improved Endurance and Lung Capacity

The amount of endurance you gain will depend on the type of yoga you practice, but regardless of the yoga you practice, part of yoga is learning to breath. Even if you are not practicing rapid movements in a flow yoga style, you are learning to breath deeply and more efficiently even in resting poses.

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