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frequently asked questions

I’ve never done yoga before/I am getting back into yoga. What classes do you recommend?

Yoga Basics $5, Yin/Yang, Yin, Deep Stretch/Restorative, Gentle Flow $5, Therapeutic Yoga, Slow Flow with Joe $5, Mindful Flow $5, Yoga for Back Care, Stress Relief Heated Flow

What is Arbor Vitae?

Arbor Vitae is a collection of different healing modalities within the wellness center. People have brought their love of healing and their passions into the space for others.  Arbor Vitae is the name of the wellness center that houses Yoga Patch and Floating KC. In addition to the Yoga Patch, there are various individual practitioners that use the building space. For example, we have a chiropractor, acupuncturists, licensed massage therapists, energy workers, counselors, and more.

What is Floating KC? 

Floating KC are zero gravity float rooms. The salt water helps not only with skin care but is also designed to relax and destress the body, joints and mind. Learn more about Floating KC and experience it for yourself.

When are you open and closed?

We are open 7 days a week with yoga classes each day. There is an instructor usually before class and after classes to answer any questions you might have. Click here to go to our class schedule.


What if there’s no one at the front desk?

Please email us at or call us (816.268.4660). If you want to purchase an item and no one is present, please use the “On Your Honor” box at the café OR Venmo @mariamurphy.


Do I have to sign up or register for a class? Can I just walk in?

We recommend you sign up ahead of time just in case class is full. Otherwise, feel free to walk in and make sure you get registered! 


How do I sign up for classes?

Download our Yoga Patch app in the App Store or Google Play store! You can also register when you sign up for your class.


How much is it for a drop-in class? What other payment options do you have?

Please check out our Rates. We have a donation based class, $5, $10, and $16 classes. 


How early should I show up for my class?

About 5-10 minutes before your class.


What should I wear for yoga?

Comfortable clothing to move around in and something that you’d feel okay sweating in (depending on the class).


How will I know if my class is cancelled?

You should receive an email or text if you are subscribed to MindBody updates.


How much is it to rent a practitioner room? Are there any open office spaces for me to rent?

It depends on the room size because each room is laid out differently. They range about $500-$800 a month. Practitioners are welcome to share a space on a new lease if they would like. Please call us to see if there are open spaces.


When is the café open? What if I want something and there’s no one at the coffee shop?

It is currently open 8:30am-2pm, Mon-Fri. For cash, please use the “On Your Honor” box and use the sticky note to write down what you got. If you do not have cash, please Venmo @mariamurphy to pay.


How hot are your Hot Flow, Hot Series, and Stress Relief Heated classes? 

About 90-95 degrees, it may vary depending on how many students are in the class and what the temperature is outside


What is the difference between Hot Flow and Hot Series?

Hot Flow sequences may vary whereas Hot Series has a set amount of 26 poses that are done twice (also known as 26x2).


What should I do if I forgot something at the studio?

Give us a text or call (816.268.4660) and we will try to find it for you and set it at our front desk or lost and found.


What amenities do you have? 

Parking lot, café, lounge areas, water fountain with reverse osmosis, showers, lockers, retail, sauna, massage chair


What do I need to bring to yoga class?

Yourself and a mat! If you’re going to a heated class we recommend you bring a towel and water bottle as well. If you do not have a mat we have extra in the prop room and also have cups available for water.


What’s the parking situation like? 

There are 18 parking spaces with a handicap parking spot. If the lot is full, there is another lot across the street. Street parking is also easily accessible.

Do you have bikram or ashtanga yoga classes? Tai-chi or dance?

No, but we hope to reincorporate those into our schedule in the future!


I want to collaborate with Yoga Patch. How do I set up a workshop or event at Yoga Patch? 

Please email us at or call us. We will then send you a form to fill out.


How much is it to rent one of the yoga rooms?

$20-$25 per hour depending on the room


I want to teach at the Yoga Patch! How do I go about that?

Please email us at or call us (816.268.4660). We will schedule a time to do an audition with you where either the owner or manager will follow your class and propose future class scheduling options with you.

What do you sell in the retail area?

Jewelry, incense (cones and sticks), Palo Santo, sage, clothing, headbands, stones, candles, gift sets, aromatherapy, locally made body care items, toiletries, blankets, tshirts, tunics, scarves, handmade cards, home decor items, handmade eye pillows, and more!


Why are there birds? Whose are they?

Yoga Patch began with one bird, Tulley. As more people came into the studio they quickly realized that Maria could not say no to taking on another bird. All of the birds are rescue birds and have special personalities that they distribute on a daily basis. Yoga Patch has become their healing space of love.


Are you going to open a second location?

We want to in the future!


How many plants do you have? 

Well, we lost count and know that it is definitely more than 30……..

Who painted the mural outside? How about the yoga studio rooms?

A friend named Billy painted the outside mural. Maria painted the studio rooms.

Have other questions, comments, or suggestions?

Please email us at, text, or call us (816.268.4660)!