Senior Couple Meditating

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New to yoga? 

If you're new to yoga, don't be nervous - we're excited to meet you and were beginners once too!  To get you started, we recommend the following classes:​

  • Mindful Flow

  • Hatha Flow

  • Slow Flow with Joe

  • Yin Yoga

  • Deep Stretch/Restorative

  • Beginners Flow

  • Yoga for Back Care

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Gentle Flow

Warrior Two

Like it Hot?

Hot Series Yoga 
This is a repetitive Series of 26 poses practiced in a heated room to promote increased muscle flexibility and sweat to detoxify the body’s systems. In the heat you will more safely open up the muscles, freeing blockages, melting fat and cleansing organs. Make no mistake this is still a cardio, aerobic and strength training work-out; that also reduces stress, sharpens mental focus, increases flexibility and builds muscle tone. The Hot Series Yoga focuses on balance, strength and flexibility while keeping an eye on alignment and promoting proper muscle engagement. Once you experience the benefits of this time-honored practice; you’ll be hooked!

Hot Yoga and Warm flow classes will detoxify and rejuvenate the body and mind through movement that is linked to breath, balance and intention. This is a dynamic and energizing practice, 

Hatha Yoga

Like to Flow?

Hatha Flow is a Sanskrit word that can be broken down into two smaller words: ha, meaning “sun,” and tha, meaning “moon.” 

 Through the practice of Hatha yoga, students will learn to balance the mind and body  through specific asanas and controlled, meditative breathing that complements the physical movements of the body.

Slow Flow with Joe is aimed at building strength, flexibility, balance, and good alignment in the basics of Hatha Yoga. It is especially good for beginners and is very popular with older students, too. There is strong emphasis on breath work and safety. More advance students like to add Slow Flow to their practice occasionally for a more relaxing session. Also emphasized is finding a variation of each pose best suited for your body and fitness level and how you feel that particular day. The class moves slowly so one has time to consider what is best for their mind and body and adjust in each pose. Another aspect of this class which is very popular with students is the classical music we play during class.

Yoga for back careA slow, therapeutic class that works towards reliving tension along the spine and strengthening the core to support alignment of the back. The goal of the class is to decrease back pain and preventing future injuries.

Mindful Flow is a gentle flow designed to quiet the mind while connecting to the body.

Yin/Yang This class begins with 30 minutes of active postures for energy and strength and ends with asanas to slow the mind and create a feeling of groundedness. 

Child's Pose

Yin Yoga focuses on passive asana with integrated breathwork and meditation to create a deeply healing and nurturing practice. Postures are typically held from 3-7 minutes to calm the nervous system, lengthen and soften connective tissue and facilitate fascial release. It’s the perfect balance and counterpart to our more vigorous classes. Yoga experience recommended.

Restorative Yoga is intended to slow the practitioner down and open the body up as you relax into passive postures. Holding poses for up to 10 minutes, this practice is open to all levels. 

Want to Slow things down?

Deep Stretch/Restorative: This deep, slow practice is a little slice of heaven and a really lovely way to balance your day.  Casey guides you through a combination of restorative, lunar-inspired and yin-influenced postures - they're mostly seated or reclined and you'll make use of many yoga props.  She offers hands-on assists during the class, sometimes to help you with alignment and sometimes to help you soften and relax.  The assists are completely optional, so please let her know if you'd prefer not to have them.  The space is sweet and quiet and the lights are low.  It's a peaceful time to deeply relax and maybe work through some things.    

Therapeutic Yoga is a gentle practice most effective for individuals recovering or living with pain or injuries. The poses will help to reduce stress and bring balance into the body and mind.