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Sun Salutations for Strength and Stamina

This week, we take a look at a study that investigates the power of sun salutations to build muscle strength, endurance, and shed body fat.

Researchers from M.R. Medical College in Gulbarga, India observed 49 men and 30 women. For their study, they had each subject perform 24 cycles of Sun Salutations, equally mixed between A and B. Participants did so six days per week for 24 weeks in total.

To assess muscle gain at outcome, researchers measured chest strength, shoulder strength, back strength, and leg strength. General endurance was evaluated by way of push-up and sit-up tests, while body fat percentage was calculated using bioelectric impedance analysis. Perceived intensity of exercise by subjects was noted using the Borg scale.

What researchers found is this: Significant strength gains were observed for men in both chest and shoulders, while women showed significant gains in shoulder strength only. Both groups showed measurable increases in endurance. And while only women saw a significant decrease in body fat, both groups did see significant decreases in BMI.

The research team concluded that sun salutations can serve as an excellent way to maintain optimal physical health.

The study was published in the Asian Journal of Sports Fitness.


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