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Restore & Renew at YogaPatch

by Nelson Pahl

Restorative Yoga at Yoga Patch in Kansas City
Restorative Yoga, Supported Sidelying Posture

Restorative yoga has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. As Baby Boomers look to remain "active" in their golden years, Gen X-ers struggle to decompress in midlife, and Millennials attempt to maintain sanity in a climate that seems hell-bent on undervaluing them... Restorative yoga serves as an adept vehicle for soothing body, mind, and spirit.

What is restorative yoga?

According to, restorative yoga is...

"...a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. During the long holds...your muscles are allowed to relax deeply. It's a unique feeling because props, rather than your muscles, are used to support your body."

Luckily for residents of South Kansas City, Waldo's Yoga Patch offers one of the finest restorative yoga programs in the entire Midwest.

Driven by Yoga Patch owner Maria Murphy's own love for the meditative niche, and a stable of talented instructors, Yoga Patch features ten classes that can be classified as "restorative," plus two yin yoga classes!

Yoga Patch Restorative Yoga Classes Restorative Aerial

Mondays, 6:00 PM - Amber Jacober

A great way to slow down your daily sway with time to really relax in the silk hammock. After enjoying a slow unwinding flow, you'll finish with a long and luxurious silk cocoon.

Mindful Movement

Tuesdays, 1:30 PM - Linda Putthoff

A class that gives you time and space to deepen the relationship between mind and body. By training your attention/awareness through movement, breath, and mediation exercises, you'll develop a practice that allows you to become stronger and more stable.

Gentle Yoga

Wednesdays, 6:00 AM - Rachel Parker

A gentle, rejuvenating early-morning class. You'll use props and longer mat-based holds, while we emphasize breath and allowing thoughts to come and go. A great way to start hump day.

Easy Air

Wednesdays, 10:30 AM - Amber Jacober

A full spinal warm up is followed by breath-based therapeutic movements to balance and de-stress the body and mind. Transitioning from seated to standing, in a chair, on the floor and in the hammock, this class is great for balance, flexibility, stability, and stress relief.

Gentle Yoga

Wednesdays at 11:30 AM & Sundays at 4:30 PM - Paulina Nordhaus

A gentle early morning class to get you zen and feeling good for your day. A practice designed to emphasize the importance of breath, proper alignment, and letting go of expectations.

Therapeutic Yoga

Wednesdays & Saturdays, 5:30 PM - Paulina Nordhaus

A class that incorporates pranayama, static, and dynamic postures to balance the internal temperature of the body. Each month is focused on specific muscle groups, internal organs, and bodily systems An easy to moderate tempo to the class.

Deep Stretch

Sundays, 9:00 AM - Kelly Cirone

This deep, slow practice that's a little slice of heaven. Kelly guides you through a combination of restorative, lunar-inspired, and yin-influenced postures, mostly seated or reclined. She offers hands-on assists during the class, to those that may with for assistance. As with all Kelly classes, ambience is at an optimum.

Relax, Relieve, and Recharge

Sundays, 4:00 PM - Desiree Hendricks

Combined with meditative breathing, release tension and stress from the body with deeper, restorative stretches. Paying attention to the breath, sensations in the body, and feelings and thoughts as they arise, you'll create an opportunity to slow down and bring greater attention to what's happening in the moment.

In a nutshell, restorative yoga offers you physical, mental, and psychological renewal... And no one in KC does restorative better than Yoga Patch.

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