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KC's Best Vinyasa Classes

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

by Nelson Pahl

Yoga Patch in Kansas City
Vinyasa Yoga at Yoga Patch in Kansas City

The popularity of vinyasa yoga (or "flow yoga") has soared over the past decade, becoming America's most popular style of yoga. Millions of Americans now participate in a weekly studio vinyasa practice, while hundreds of thousands more partake in online classes.

And this is for good reason: Vinyasa both calms the mind---or better yet, occupies the mind, where negative thoughts might otherwise linger. It also, through the repetition of "sun salutations," provides a thorough cardiovascular workout, while improving both flexibility and mobility.

But finding a great class and a great studio to attend can be a chore in and of itself; we've all experienced those yoga classes for which we hold disdain (or at least no fondness).

Luckily, for residents of the south Kansas City metro area, one studio stands above the rest and actually delivers.

Waldo's Yoga Patch.

Located at 7235 Central Street, occupying an old, beautifully-appointed warehouse building behind Sutherlands, Yoga Patch (and it's accompany Arbor Vitae Wellness Center) are a one-of-a-kind experience.

Every Sunday, at 10:00 AM, one of KC's most popular vinyasa instructors, Kelly Cirone, holds court in the Blue Room. Kelly's legend extends beyond her vinyasa class and all the way to her Solstice Malas, where she guides a few dozen people through 108 sun salutations by candlelight.

Ask anyone that's ever taken a Kelly class and you'll hear the same reply: she's awesome!

Every Wednesday night, in the Green Room, Yoga Patch plays host to a 5:30 PM vinyasa class, this time hosted by one of the city's most noted ashtanga instructors, Jesse Molina. Another popular teacher, Jesse leads class in an effervescent but nurturing style that both challenges you and comforts you.

And, every Thursday evening, newcomer Mara Olney teaches a well-paced 6:15 PM vinyasa class. Mara's teaching style is a well-refined, perfectly-paced flow that maintains such an adept rhythm that, at times, you might forget how badly you're sweating. :)

In a nutshell, if you're looking for, or thinking about taking, a vinyasa yoga class in the south KC metro area, you're best bet is "the healing village" otherwise known as Yoga Patch.

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